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Munsiyari Rajma derives its name from Munsiyari – which is situated at an altitude of 7,200 feet. Grown in the mineral-rich soil of the Himalayan slopes, Munsiyari Rajma has a subtle, earthy taste and requires less time to cook compared to regular rajma. Munsiyari Rajma is an excellent source of protein and carbohydrates and is additionally rich in vitamins and minerals. Due to their typical and subtle taste, fiber-rich content, and color, these kidney beans are beneficial for all ages.

Uttarakhand spice provides you with the best Natural Organic Munsiyari Rajma Sourced from High Rises of Uttarakhand.

Benefits of Munsiyari Rajma:

  1. Munsiyari Rajma provides essential proteins and boosts the body’s immune system.
  2. It is enriched with insoluble fiber that maintains cholesterol levels, thus preventing diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Munsiyari Rajma contains rich dietary fiber, Munsiyari Rajma also especially helps in fighting digestive cancer. Munsiyari Rajma has antioxidant properties that can be consumed to reduce the risk of cancer.
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