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GAHAT DAAL Quick Facts
Name: Gahat (Horse gram)
Scientific Name: Macrotyloma uniflorum
Origin India, Southeast Asian subcontinent and as well as Africa,
Colors Dark brown
Shapes Linear-oblong pod 3–8 cm × 4–8 mm, upcurved towards apex, acuminate, densely hairy when young, later more sparsely
Calories 321 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Iron (87.50%)
Phosphorus (44.43%)
Protein (44.00%)
Carbohydrate (43.85%)
Calcium (28.70%)
Total dietary Fiber (13.16%)
Health benefits Beneficial for Diarrhea, Diabetes, Piles, Conjunctivitis, Ulcers, Kidney Stones, Digestion, Leucorrhea, Common Cold and Fever, Constipation, Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Menstrual Disturbances, Skin Rashes and Boils, Urinary Discharge

Gahat Daal Soup for Kidney Stones:

Surprisingly, using horse gram for kidney stone is an effective way of dealing with kidney stones naturally. The stones are formed due to the calcium oxalate in the body. The seeds when used for kidney stones, work magically overnight. The horse gram seeds are rich in iron and polyphenols which prove to be the best antioxidant for removing the kidney stones.

How To Consume:               

  • To obtain the horse gram benefits kidney stones, soak around one cup of the seeds overnight.
  • Try it on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Continue this for a week for magical results on the stones.
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1 KG, 500 GM


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